!Viva la introvert!

I had the good, good fortune of hosting (hostessing?) the lovely Mrs. G. on her roadrip. If you aren’t familiar with Derfwad Manor, I suggest you check it out – its proprietress is a wickedly funny, talented, amazing woman.

So, you’re taking kind of a risk when you invite an Internet friend to stay at your house. What if she’s crazy, and this road trip is just a way to feed her kleptomaniacal desires? And we’ll wake up to find she’s taken all of our furniture, sort of like The Grinch? Or what if she’s mean, or smells bad, or wants us to join her cult, which would require us to shave our heads, even though I’ve spent the last, oh, 5 years trying to grow out my tresses?

Well, none of those were the case with Mrs. G. She is hilarious and kind, and joked that she worried we heard her search for toilet paper and thought she was going through our bathroom stuff. And double kudos that she laughed when My Guy responded, “Oh, we weren’t worried. The web cam will pick all that up.”

So, Mrs. G. and I visited a ton, and ate a ton, and went antiquing. Then, we headed to a party given in Mrs. G.’s honor. And there were more kind, funny, amazing women there, too! And they brought delicious foodstuffs.

I brought a salad. And stains from said salad down the front of my dress. And my sparkling, but occasionally shy, personality.

Everybody was so nice! And I felt stretched by meeting 8 whole new people! Because I am more introverted than I like to admit!

I felt like I filled my quota for social interaction. That’s not a statement on the company at all – in fact, I’m embarrassed to even admit it. But really?

I’m so tired. I’m tired of doing new things and going new places and meeting new people. Many of the constants in my life 2 months ago are basically gone, and I guess I’m overwhelmed. Sort of like when Foxie Doxie gets overwhelmed and hides under the blankets on our bed.

Except, instead of finding someplace at the hostess’s house to hide, I stayed at the party. And I hope the other guests didn’t think I was a freak. I guess staying at the party and being on the quiet side was far less freaky than, oh, say, hiding under the covers in the master bedroom of someone I’d just met. So, kudos to me, right?

It takes a lot of energy and bravery to push our boundaries. Mrs. G. is doing a fine job of it right now. It will be my turn … later. And that’s OK.

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