When Mom needs an intervention.

This week, my amazing mom has been kind enough to let me interview her and feature her on this here blog. If my blog were a movie, this post would be the DVD extra that propels you to buy the DVD. Why? We’re dishing the dirt on Mother’s Little Helper.

Me: I would be remiss if we didn’t address your addiction. When did you get your first library card?

Mama C: Busted. I thought we would get thru this without talking about it. Sigh. Well, we lived on River Heights, across the Meredith Willson footbridge from the library, so it was 1st grade or earlier. (Ed. note: Mama C grew up in the town on which “The Music Man” was based. It’s a famous foot bridge!) I’m sure I wasn’t in kindergarten yet when my sisters would take me over there. I don’t remember picture books, but I do remember they had shelves and shelves of biographies in the children’s section … they had orange covers … Johnny Appleseed, Abe Lincoln, Molly Pitcher, all the presidents. I read them all. And we had the Nancy Drew and Cherry Ames, R.N. series at home.

Me:Did you set out to raise readers, or were you just stuck taking us to the library with you?

Mama C: It was purely selfish on my part — you had no choice because I HAD to have books to read.

Me: I respect that. How many books do you average a week?

Mama C: Back in the day, I would check out 10-12 books a week. Now I usually have about 3 books going … actual books plus what’s on my Kindle.  And if I’m down to only one book, I need backups. Having to wear glasses cut back on my reading to some extent cuz I can’t do my hair and wear glasses to read, but I can read and fold clean clothes.

Me: You used to read while you were doing your hair????

Mama C: Of course. Blow drying or curling my hair. Emptying the dishwasher. Cooking.

Me: Well, emptying the dishwasher, sure. But handling a hot curling iron while reading? I’m not sure whether I should award you a medal or call Dr. Drew. Mostly, I’m impressed. And I love you.

Happy Mothers’ Day, everyone. May your addictions be good ones.

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  • Reply Carolyn Watson May 12, 2014 at 11:58 am

    I loved the entire series. So sweet and fun and honest. Thank you both!

  • Reply Cha Cha May 12, 2014 at 6:43 pm

    Carolyn, thank you!

  • Reply Green Girl in Wisconsin May 13, 2014 at 12:58 am

    I used to read that exact same biography series! I was particularly fond of Annie Oakley…
    This is a good addiction.

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