Own it, Rupert. Own it!

So, Mr. eHarmony continues to amaze and delight me with his freakish music and pop culture tastes. This man will actually sit and watch Time Life informercials with me – not just willingly, but with quite a bit of enthusiasm.

During a recent viewing of the fantastic Classic Soft Rock infomercial – with your hosts, Air Supply – Mr. eHarmony about lost his mind over a clip of Gino Vanelli singing “Living inside myself.”

“Wow! If it was dark enough, I’d totally get on him!”

I shot my drink through my nose. I now know what’s wrong with him – and why I’ve never seen his basement. It’s a shrine to Gino Vanelli. And Mr. Vanelli may or may not be held captive in the crawlspace.

The other great thing about our shared love of cheesy soft rock is that it’s led to the cultivation of The Rupert Holmes Philosophy of Life.

Mr. Pina Colada is a really talented dude – several hit songs, hit plays and movie scripts. If you watch clips of him in his American Bandstand heyday, he’s not a heartthrob. He looks like the guy at the shoe store. And his name is Rupert.


But the ladies flock to Rupert. Why?

Because he owns it.

Rupert’s live performances showcase his confidence and his sense of humor. He goes all out! And that’s why he’s successful!

Which leads us to The Rupert Holmes Philosophy of Life: Own it, baby! You can pull off anything with a little confidence and a twinkle in your eye. Folks are too busy being jealous of your guts to even begin to think that you’re a dork.

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