Why I’ve gained weight.

Mr. Wonderful has a bit of a problem. And I’m totally co-dependent.

Ice cream. Lots of ice cream. Every night.

There are never fewer than six varieties in his freezer. And while some suitors would bring over a bottle of wine when coming to call, Mr. Wonderful regularly shows up on my doorstep with two containers of Breyer’s.

Hell yeah. That’s my man.

Now, he is sort of a freak about it all. He pours milk into his ice cream and then stirs it all up until it’s the consistency of soft serve. However, he hates soft serve.

Umm … ok?

And his favorite ice cream receptacle is a Gladware plastic container.

He’s making us ice cream as I write. Sadly, there were brownies left over from this weekend’s tailgating. Brownies that, when heated, work nicely with mint chocolate chip ice cream to create a gooey nirvana.

You understand why this post is short, right?

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