When it’s enough.

I’m fighting several battles at work. Elbowing my tiny team’s way to the big kids’ table. Bending over backwards to accommodate a contractor whom I pretty much want to drop-kick. And editing myself silly.

And now? Now it’s 2:40 on Friday afternoon, and in a few hours I’m supposed to be three hours away for a friend’s birthday dinner. Because I am a fucking nice person. Dammit.

I just got off the phone with my coworker, Complainy Complainerson. And in the midst of her tirade, a beautiful bit of peace enveloped my tired little soul.

I’m leaving early. And I’m making a pilgrimage. To what my mom and I have determined is truly Mecca – the shoe room at Von Maur.

And the rest of you shoe-hatin’, tirade-havin’ freaks? Y’all have a nice weekend, m’kay?

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