An old dog learning new tricks.

Geriatric Poodle had Day of Beauty this weekend. After a loooong overdue haircut, all of his fluff is gone. Now, I can see how tiny his little legs are and how very, very thin his fur is.

Pooh on me for waiting a bit too long to get him a haircut. But at least the extra three inches (ok, I jest) of hair kept him warm. It also allowed him to keep it real, as his rapper name is Lil Fluff.

When I picked him up from the groomer’s, there were a few little girls there. They oohed and ahhed over Geriatric Poodle, and their mom said, “Oh, look! He’s old.”

And part of me sort of died. This dog and I have been through so much. He has to live forever. And that’s just all there is to it.

So, now he’s cold, so he’s wearing his little grey sweatshirt with the navy sleeves. It’s pretty damn cute. And he’s also staying young.

Lil Fluff has discovered the Sit ‘n’ Spin.

Remember those plastic disks from when we were little? There was a handle in the middle of it, and you sit on it, and it spins? Hence the name?

Mr. Wonderful’s daughter has one, and Geriatric Poodle has discovered it. He likes to walk on it, and it spins and sends him flying across the room, or it makes him do the splits.

I must say, it’s damn funny.

So, we’re respecting the elderly and embracing our inner children. It’s all good.

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