30 Posts in 30 days.

NaBloPoMo, this does not necessarily mean posting every day. It means I’m still on the wagon, despite the fact that I lost my mind and just didn’t blog on Monday.

I think it’s the fact that I’m still fighting the remnants of The Cold of Death. And somehow, I have poison ivy on my face. Again. And now, Mr. Wonderful has a sinus infection that caused him to keep talking in his sleep.

“I feel soooooo baaaaaad.”


“I love you. I’m so sick!”

I sort of like the last one, as it at least tries to pretend that he’s not waking me up just so he can complain. And I’m a horrible sick person, so I really have no room to talk. He never made fun of me the whole time I was sick. So, basically, I’m a horrible girlfriend. But at least it gives me something to blog about.

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