Give a little bit.

So, the funk is still funky. I’m tired of writing about how things are basically falling apart in my life, so I can only imagine how sick and tired all you three readers are of reading about it. I mean, sobbing in the parking lot of Duds ‘n’ Suds is way fun, but it’s just not the sort of thing you can do every day.

It’s called moderation, people.

I’m feeling a bit more in control at the moment, and am working very hard to set the pace for myself at work and in my personal life. I’m trying to kick the crap to the curb and focus on the really important stuff.

Or, kick the carp to the curb, as I initially typed. Damn you, carp! Get your fish-ass self outta here!


I have been hiding. I’ve been letting everybody go to voicemail. I have about a gazillion unanswered e-mails. I have been turned very much inward. And that’s understandable … but not exactly my long-term style choice.

I found a little somethingsomething that appeals to the Nice Girl in me who always tries to compliment strangers and tip very, very well. It’s 29 Gifts – participants give 29 gifts in 29 days and report back on their experience. Put good things out into the universe and get many blessings in return.

Simple enough. I’m going to give it a go. And I’ll report about it here. I’m hoping it will shake awake my inner Not Miserable Cha Cha.

Today’s gift is with a thankful but heavy heart … I made a memorial donation in honor of Michelle Mayer at Diary of a Dying Mom. She passed away this weekend, after a long struggle … and a graceful lesson in what it means to truly be alive. I am richer for her life, and I am humbled by how she shared her experiences. I gave a small gift in honor of that, but really, she gave me a much, much greater gift.

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