That is so bananas.

Yesterday, while working from home, I edited a 62-page document. And because the doc was so huge, I edited it in front of the TV.

What was on the TV? Well, I stumbled upon The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo.

Rachel, for those of us who aren’t fabulous, is the stylist to the stars. Her reality show is all about the stresses of finding the perfect dresses for A-list stars during awards season. How will Rachel ever find gowns worthy of an Oscar presenter? Can she really run a successful business with three hours of sleep, one bitchy assistant and one very green assistant?

I watched, uh, three episodes of this show yesterday, and the season finale is on my DVR right now. Let me tell you why.

I have finally found someone whose work / life balance is more fucked up than mine.

I know!

Rachel works all the time. She doesn’t spend time with her husband. She skips her uncle’s funeral to do a photo shoot.

I have finally found someone who makes me feel morally superior!

Ok, not really. But watching her show has given me some clarity about the price of work, and it’s easier to pick out another person’s shortcomings than your own … but if you’re paying attention, you can see yourself. Or at least I can see myself as a far less fabulous version of this workaholic.

I did nothing for the last hour I was at Corporate Behemoth today. I am finally realizing that I am truly, deeply burned out, and it isn’t something that can be rectified by a three-day weekend. I need some major change. I just have to figure out what that is. Thanks to Rachel Zoe, I’m pretty sure it’s not becoming a stylist to the stars.

For 29 Gifts, my gift today was making brownies for a meeting and then foisting most of the leftovers upon the meeting attendees. Everybody wins – people get brownies, and I don’t have to live with the temptation of 2 /3 of a pan of brownies calling to me at all hours. Huzzah.

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