Love will keep us together.

That stupid groundhog saw his shadow, so we are all doomed to freeze for another six months. Or weeks. Whatever.

And it’s suddenly February, that magical month of Valentine’s Day. I have been in denial ever since I visited Joann’s Fabrics the Sunday before Christmas and they had their Valentine’s Day stuff out already. I would say Joann’s is now dead to me, but who are we kidding? She hurts me, yet I forgive her every time.

So. The season of love is upon us. And, a few days ago, I somehow magically surpassed my 300th blog post. The moons of Jupiter are aligning.

You know what that means! Time for a giveaway!

Gimme your very best love or Valentine’s Day-related haiku. You know – three lines, first and last with five syllables, the middle line with seven. Like this:

Oh Foxie Doxie
With your long and wily tongue
Don’t French me again

You get the idea. Leave your haiku in the comments by midnight this Friday. Feel free to enter multiple haikus, and let your creativity flow. Extra credit will be given to poems that make me laugh and / or make the idea of being single on this most wretched holiday seem tolerable.

One lucky winner will receive a Fabulous Valentine’s Day Gift Pack. This wondrous assortment of goodies includes many delightful surprises and a scarf knitted with love – not necessarily skill – by yours truly.

The Fabulous Valentine’s Day Gift Pack doesn’t include any kind of puke-inducing white teddy bears, yucky, cheap chocolate, or some random-ass card that you know I picked up at the last minute at Walgreens when the selection was totally picked over.

And yes, I really would make an excellent boyfriend.

Thanks for reading. Help me share the love.

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