And … breathe out.

Another Friday night, another airing of Waiting to Exhale.

Mr. Friend That I Now Have a Crush On and I had a date scheduled for tonight. And then he sort of informed me via e-mail this afternoon that he doesn’t think I’m over The Ex-Boyfriend Formerly Known as Mr. Wonderful.

I received this e-mail about 15 minutes before an appointment with my psychiatrist. You know, that every-three-months appointment where I’m supposed to show that I’m a) not insane and b) worthy of a Zoloft refill. Oh, and when I c) check out the ditsy receptionist for your reading pleasure.

I sort of had to wash the mascara off my face before I left for my appointment. I don’t know if Mr. Friend I Now Have a Crush On is right; I just know that I’m hurt and angry that it’s even an issue.

Once I got to the appointment, the psychiatrist proceeded to give me woman-to-woman advice about how it was all about him and not about me. Or, rather, she gave me sassy-Hispanic-to-inept-white-girl advice. Whatever.

The important take-aways? A Zoloft refill. And an appointment card for my next visit: Friday, June 10. Except that June 10 is a Wednesday. I *heart* you, Ditsy Receptionist!

So, anyway. I don’t have a date anymore tonight. I was really looking forward to seeing my friend / crush.

But Bernadine just burned all of her ex-husband’s stuff, a scene that always makes me laugh. And I’m going over to Alice and Jake’s for pizza and adult beverages. Because I have seen this movie a few times before.

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