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So. Text messaging totally changes dating.

The guy I went out with once last week? And then told he was awesome, but more awesome for someone else?

He texted me yesterday: RU sure we’re not a match? Bc I just sat thru like my third uncomfortable match date since what i thought was a very comfortable time with U


I responded today: 3 dates in a week? Damn, playa! I do think we are friends … otherwise we’d kill each other. As your friend, I will suggest you change your match pic – youre much cuter than that 🙂



Hmm. Well, thank U 4 the suggestion … I’ll see what I can do. But yeah these bad dates are killing me. I’ve only had one that I’ve actually enjoyed!

But 3 dates in a week? You must be doing something right. Look at it as practice.

I must be – and that’s with my current pic. Practice schmatice … I’ve already met the coolest funniest and attractive chick

And then? I didn’t respond. I’ve been in meetings allllll damn day. He kept texting, though.

Text 5: Could I get a second chance if I agreed to babysit your dogs while u go out on a date? Wait … scratch that … bad idea. What if I offered to take them to the dog park?

Text 6: U could even come along!

Text 7: Ok, how about a Smithwick’s at a local bar? Or dinner at your fav restaurant? I could bust out my A game. And I could pay U to go. Wait … scratch that.

Ok, kids. Worth a second chance? Or just getting scary? It’s the end of a long week and my decisionmaking skillz are worn thin.

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