Status check.

Best indication that I might be working too much
One of the floor-to-ceiling windows near my cube is shattered and covered with a huge piece of plywood. It’s been that way since last week.

I noticed it at about 5:45 this evening.

Best indication Guy With Two Dogs might be my soulmate
He makes AWESOME no-bake cookies and then forces me to take some home.

Best indication New Guy I’ve Been E-mailing might be my soulmate
He suggested that we meet at Dairy Queen.

Best indication that I should quit Corporate Behemoth and become a rock star
I scored a perfect 100% – at the hard skill level – singing Journey’s “Any Way You Want It” in Rock Band.

Seriously, people. That’s a really hard song. You basically have to have a flip-top head to hold those high notes at the end. I’m like Steve Perry, minus the mullet.

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