Rock on.

Today, I slept until almost noon. Then, I ate cereal and cuddled with the dachshunds. Dachsi? Doxi? Whatever. Multiple wiener dogs.

I had a moment of, “Oh, crap! I’m wasting the day!” And then I realized that if going to a yoga class or getting a massage was considered a valuable and worthwhile use of time, then snuggling with my pups was, too. After all, there are all sorts of studies about the value of companion animals on physical health.

I don’t think those studies have included data on doxies who refuse to go outside when it’s raining and instead pee on you and around your house, but maybe that’s just my own personal experience and an opportunity for further research.

So I did go to yoga. And then I cooked. And then I sat on my couch, knitted and re-re-rewatched vh1’s top heavy metal songs.

Yeah, I’ve seen it a few times. Yeah, it’s permanently saved on my DVR. But I learn something new every time!

This time? I picked up an important life lesson from David Coverdale.

Why yes, that David Coverdale, he of Whitesnake and Tawny Kitaen.

He talked about how when he comes home from being on the road – because with that hair, of course he’s still touring – he transitions from being a rock star to completely being a husband and dad.

“Balance is essential for a fulfilling life.”

So, basically, this lazy Sunday is David Coverdale-approved.

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