It works every time!

I’m high on paint fumes.

I’m not trying to be cool. Kids, really, don’t try this at home. But in the last 36 hours, I’ve painted FOUR layers on my kitchen walls and two layers on the ceiling.

So. Tired. Never. Painting. Ever. Again.

While waiting for paint to dry – literally! – I managed to watch bits and pieces of several fine films. And, I’ve learned a lot from these films. See? Because you CAN learn from home improvement.

Return of the Jedi
Ok, so I’ve seen this movie approximately 974 times. It’s been a while, but I was thrilled to find that yes, Harrison Ford really was worthy of my fourth-grade crush … a crush that has definitely lived on into adulthood. Harrison, you know, I’m a woman now …

Anyway, this film reminded me of how funny the original three Star Wars films are. R2 being utilized as a bar cart on Jabba’s party barge? C’mon! That’s hysterical! And also a reminder of why the new three films sort of suck – they took themselves too seriously. Where is the fun?

Also, where is the fashion? I had never realized this before, but Admiral Ackbar totally stole his wardrobe from Ralph Furley from Three’s Company.

So, umm? I really enjoyed this “Black Buster” on BET. I don’t want to like Miss Ross, but I totally do. And poor Anthony Perkins really did get typecast after Psycho. And, umm, Billy Dee Williams?

Billy Dee?

Let’s just say that after a Billy Dee doubleheader, Mahogany and Return of the Jedi, I would totally buy malt liquor or whatever else he happened to be selling.

Sadly, Billy Dee didn’t appear in my third movie, The Princess Diaries.

Needless to say, The Princess Diaries totally sucked. It didn’t involve any malt liquor, wookies or Miss Ross wearing 37 pounds of mascara at once. A total disappointment. Or maybe that’s just the paint fumes talking.
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