More than a feeling

On my 15th birthday, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Jim Henson died.

The whole Sammy thing was really, really sad – still is. But Jim? Well, that was like a member of my family dying. I locked myself in the bathroom and cried and cried before my family went to Pizza Hut. ONE two three four fiiiive, six seven eight NINE ten, eleven TWELLLLLVE!

Beyond the man who taught me the alphabet, my love of pop culture makes me feel dirty. Case in point: poor Anna Nicole. I must admit that upon hearing that she had died, my gut reaction was, “Oh, well, this outta be good.”

I’m not proud of that reaction. But that’s what it was.

And I actually thought that people who felt the need to send CNN their photos and memories of Anna Nicole were beyond lame. If you’re trying to associate yourself with a dead celebrity, well, there’s something ugly and black inside of you. I love Stephen King’s take on the whole sad mess.

So, it’s with a teensy bit of trepidation that I write about a recent celebrity death.

Yes. I’m talking about Boston’s Brad Delp.

Ok, so, I’m from Iowa, right? Our airwaves are populated with the likes of Journey and REO Speedwagon, even in 2007. Except for a few weak college radio stations, the choices during my formative years were oldies or what is now labeled classic rock.

So, needless to say, Mr. Delp and I go waaaay back.

I love his voice. I love the way his band’s music made me feel like there was something beyond my small town. I love how when I finally saw them in concert in college there was a Harley t-shirt-clad couple in front of us on the lawn … and how the guy basically had his hand up his woman’s ass for the duration of the concert, their romantic night out. Boston’s music makes people feel good.

Also, you have to admit, Boston’s is a damn good story. Delp was working at a Mr. Coffee plant when he met Tom Scholz. They recorded most of the first album in Scholz’s basement – and went on to superstardom.

But the best part? There are countless tales of how Delp was literally The Nicest Guy.

I don’t have a lot of energy for assholes. But I have a lot of respect for successful people who are decent and down to earth. And when one of them dies suddenly, well, that’s just no damn good.

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